2017-2018 Coaching Staff

We take great pride in our coaching staff who come from diverse backgrounds and and provide our club with a wide range of soccer expertise. Some have played on professional teams in the MLS, England and Europe, and others have played in national and collegiate programs.

Age Group             Head Coach/ Coaches License Age Group Head Coach/ Coaches License
G99/00 ECNL (U19)  Jonas Tanzer UEFA A   B99 Black (U19)          Jason Prenovost USSF B
G99 Black  Rob Walker USSF A B99 White  Jonas Tanzer UEFA A 
G99 White   Jill Green USSF D B99 Navy  Randy Hanson USSF A
G00 Black   (U18)               B00 Black (U18)  Kevin Skinner NSCAA Premier Diploma 
G00 White     Joe WatersKate Green USSF A/USSF D B00 White  Todd Murray  USSF C
      B00 Navy  Jamie Bloomstine USSF B
G01 ECNL (U17) Seth Spidahl USSF A  B01 Black (U17)  John Yorke USSF B
G01 Black Scott Ford USSF A B01 White  Peter Voiles USSF C
G01 White Sue Waters USSF C B01 Navy  Todd Murray  USSF C
G02 ECNL (U16)  Joe Birklid
B02 Black (U16)           Jason Prenovost USSF B
G02 Black  Jonas Tanzer UEFA A B02 White  Peter Voiles USSF C
G02 White  Brandon Scott USSF D B02 Navy  Tim Bartro USSF B
G03 ECNL (U15)  Joe Birklid USSF B B03 Black (U15)  Rob Walker USSF A
G03 Black  Kevin Skinner NSCAA Premier Diploma  B03 White  Henry Robicheau USSF C
G03 White  Adam Kimball   B03 Navy  Jacob Gillen USSF B
G04 ECNL (U14)  Scott Ford USSF A B04 DA (U14)  Michael Donne USSF B
G04 Black  Jill Green USSF D B04 Black Tim Bartro USSF B
G04 White  Brandon Henry USSF D B04 White  Dennis Pichette USSF B
G05 Pre-ECNL (U13)           Matt Welling USSF D B05 DA (U13)  Scott Ford
G05 Black  Jacob Gillen USSF B B05 Black  Jacob Gillen USSF B
G05 White  Jimmy Fioretti USSF B B05 White  Jay Pettit  
      B05 Navy  Dennis Pichette USSF B
G06 Black (U12)  Matt Welling USSF D B06 DA (U12)  Michael Donne USSF B
G06 White  Jill Green USSF D B06 Black  Richard Unsworth UEFA B
G06 Navy  Joe Ross USSF D B06 White  Brandon Scott USSF D
G07 Black (U11)  Kate Green USSF D B07 Black (U11)  Seth Spidahl/ Michael Donne

USSF A  & USSF B              

G07 White  Jimmy Fioretti USSF B B07 White  Dennis Pichette USSF B
G07 Navy  Dennis Pichette USSF B B07 Navy  Brandon Henry USSF D
G08 Black (U10)  Kate Green  USSF D B08 Black (U10)  Todd Murray  USSF C
G08 White  Joe Jordan USSF B B08 White  Joe Birklid USSF B
G08 Navy  Jamie Bloomstine               USSF B B08 Navy  Jimmy Fioretti USSF B
      B08 Gold  Brandon Henry USSF D
G09 Black (U9)  Richard Unsworth UEFA B B09 Black (U9)  Kevin Skinner NSCAA Premier Diploma 
      B09 White  Joe Ross USSF D
All Goalkeepers  Willy Leiste USSF D All Goalkeepers  Willy Leiste USSF D